The Team

In 1995, we created a consulting firm to meet the needs of academic and scientific  translation and editing in Andalusia. We operated as Etheridiom and we were one of the first companies to offer online translation services.
We are a family business and we work as a team on most projects, combining our knowledge of both cultures and areas of ​​expertise.
As professional translators we have been endorsed by several national and international institutions and business. In the last 20 years, we have translated thousands of projects for companies, universities, publishing houses, and translation agencies.

Luisa Fernández-Sierra

Luisa holds a diploma in translation from the Institute of Linguists and and has been a specialist translator in Science and Technology since 1995. She is a full member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (UK), the Official Spanish Association of Translators ACEtt, and Tremédica.
She is an active member of the translation community and actively cooperated in the creation of the International Association of Translators and Editors of Medicine and Allied Sciences (Tremédica), a reference for Spanish and English life science translation and editing. She has also written on subjects related to the profession in Panacea, a journal dedicated to language, medicine, and translation and in the ITI bulletin. She is also a member of the ITI assessor team for the medical En -Es ITI examination.
Her first choice of career was biology, which she studied for some years at the University of Granada, Spain. She lived in the UK for 7 years where she worked as information systems manager for a publishing house and as a Spanish teacher at a private school. In 1987, she made a career shift and established herself as a freelance translator.
In collaboration with various agencies she has translated manuals and other material for medical companies including Cochlear, Medtronic, Millipore, Varian, Abbot, and Stryker, Novodordisk, . She regularly translates scientific journals published by Elsevier Iberica, research articles from several departments at the University of Málaga, and pharma and medical material for various LSPs located in the USA and Europe. The core of her work is hard science and highly specialised material from the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and economics. She has also translated several books in complementary medicine and has a great demand for her transcreation services for the pharma and life science sector.
She is interested in psychology and life sciences. She has just completed 3-year training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and holds a Diploma in therapeutic counseling Level 4. She loves trekking and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Sierra Nevada in Granada, where she lives.
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Simon Coxon

SIMON WEB SMALLSimon is English, with an honours degree in philosophy and psychology from the University of Leeds. Originally working for Barclays Bank’s computer centre in London, he later moved into the world of publishing as proof-reader and office manager for 4 years with CSP Publications. Following this he taught in a private school, where he was responsible for subjects including logic, psychology, literature, astronomy, sports, music, and humanities.
Since moving permanently to Spain (where he gained his certificate in T.E.F.L.) he has dedicated his professional life to translating and copy editing. He has translated and copy-edited huge numbers of  papers and articles for the University of Málaga, including the departments of  Computer Science, Economics, Biology, Psychology, and Electrical Engineering. He has also undertaken work for the science journal publishers Springer-Verlag, copy editing the following journals: Software Tools for Technology Transfer; International Journal on Digital Libraries; International Journal on Document Acquisition and Recognition; The Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology; and Intensive Care Medicine.
Current work includes scientific articles for the departments of Economics, Psychology, and Computer Science at the University of Málaga, and research articles on cardiology and dermatology for Elsevier España.
He has also translated children’s stories.
His interests include science and critical thinking, chess, and trekking. He also plays the mandolin and practices tai chi chuan.
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