“The professionalism and quality offered is unbeatable. The mix of linguistic, financial and editorial knowledge are exceptional”
A. López (ICEX, Editorial Department)

“Our research group has been working with Sierralink for many years.  Their English versions of our articles are excellent. They have strongly contributed to our success in publishing our articles in English journals.”
R. Caballero (Economist, Malaga University)

“We’ve used Sierralink to translate our research papers, and the journal editors have never asked us to revise the English, in fact they’ve commented on its high quality.”
I. Latorre (Lecturer in Nursing Education and Quality Evaluation,  Almería University)

“Sierralink offers a top-quality revision service. They have the technical knowledge, as well as the linguistic skills, to revise any type of scientific text aimed at the international community or high-impact journals. In addition, their personal skills are unbeatable.”
I. Falgueras (Economist, Malaga University)

“Their speed of turnaround is  very good and I’ve always been able to count on them to meet tight deadlines for conferences or workshops.”
R. Asenjo (Computer scientist, Malaga University)

“Luisa Fernandez-Sierra has translated about 10 books for our publishing house. The quality of her work is excellent.  The end result goes beyond a good translation: it is an up-to-date version of the book, well adapted to the Spanish readership. This is something very important for the kind of books Sirio publishes.”
P. Llanes  (Sirio, S.A., Spain)

“Getting published in English is more important than ever. Apart from content, journals also pay a lot of attention to format and style. Sierralink’s translations and revisions are excellent and their editorial suggestions are always valuable. We’ve worked for over 20 years with Sierralink and we’re always satisfied.”
R. Estevez Zarazaga (Psychologist, University of Malaga)